Information for Members

As an intellectual community where scientific curiosity is valued, the CEID seeks to address the problems at the intersection of ecology and infectious diseases by developing innovative technical methods and novel collaborative approaches, which draw upon the various fields vested in infectious disease research. Our center welcomes participation from anyone wanting to learn and contribute. Whether you are a professional scientist, undergraduate student, or an industry professional seeking answers to today’s pressing infectious disease issues, we aim to incorporate all relevant perspectives into effective solutions.

Opportunities for Participation

  • Join the CEID mailing list – receive our official newsletter, information on center events, posting of opportunities, and general discussion
  • Attend a CEID educational event. The following learning opportunities are held at regular intervals throughout the semester on Wednesdays at noon in Seminar room 17 in the Odum School of Ecology.
    • Disease Ecology Workshop – provide an opportunity for UGA researchers to present work in progress. The focus is broad in scope and the format is intended to generate constructive feedback, synthesis, and new ideas.
    • Computational Clinics – a forum for teaching modeling technique
    • Research Seminars – engaging lectures by visiting faculty on a range of topics
  • Center Membership – If you believe your expertise and research could be benefited by a relationship with our center, please contact Dr. John Drake. Membership expectations include, participation at CEID events and a request to list the center as a secondary affiliation on publications.