Come Join Us

If you are an undergrad, graduate student, postdoc or just an interested scientist looking for an opportunity to work with the Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases at The University of Georgia, we offer several avenues for motivated people to take advantage of our abundant opportunities. Please check through all […]

Disease Forecasting Working Group

Established in September 2017, this working group aims to advance our capacity to forecast infectious disease dynamics by developing a forecasting architecture written in the programming language R and disseminating stress-tested R packages to CEID members and the greater scientific community. By forecasting a variety of diseases with generic time […]

Undergraduate Programs in Ecology

The University of Georgia offers two bachelor’s degrees in ecology. The Bachelor of Science in Ecology has a strong basic science emphasis and provides training in all levels of ecological study from organismal biology to population and community and ecosystem ecology. This program prepares students for graduate study in Ecology (for instance, […]

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

The Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Site is a nine-week, NSF-funded, experiential learning program at the University of Georgia to train undergraduates in scientific methods at the intersections of quantitative and experimental studies in infectious disease biology. Please contact Dr. John Drake for details. The Population Biology of Infectious Diseases […]

Infectious Disease Ecology Across Scales Graduate Program

IDEAS is a novel area of emphasis in the program leading to a PhD in Ecology. IDEAS integrates various biological disciplines related to infectious disease, quantitative training, and media communication. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to grasp the interconnection inherent to the different scales of biological organization as they are relevant to the […]

Postdoctoral Positions

Persons interested postdoctoral study are invited to contact potential faculty advisers to discuss opportunities.


We welcome guest faculty and industry representatives who seek to collaborate on projects related to infectious disease. Please contact Dr. John Drake for more information.